TrackCare; Certacure’s latest vision

TrackCare; Certacure’s latest vision

The healthcare sector is being significantly impacted by the digitalization system, which is driven by a rise in smartphone usage and more accessible internet connectivity. It has the potential to improve the overall healthcare system by increasing efficiency, communication, costs, and clinical and medical service quality.

The use of mobile apps in the healthcare industry is constantly expanding and changing in response to health trends and concerns. According to Statista’s Total global mobile health market forecast from 2016 to 2025, the mobile health market is expected to grow further in the upcoming years, surpassing $300 billion USD by 2025. Moreover, the global coronavirus pandemic has also played a major role, with the first peak of the pandemic already showing a drastic increase in downloads of medical and clinical apps, as the market grew by 14.3% in 2020.

Mobile app developers typically prioritize having distinctive functionalities in their apps, but the basic features should be easily accessible to end-users, taking into consideration, despite being iPhone or Android users. Patients often seek services that allow them to save time when booking, changing, or canceling a doctor’s appointment, as well as the ability to quickly track, review and share information with a health practitioner if necessary.

Additionally, developers are now utilizing AI, in order to enhance the overall clinical and medical experience for the medical staff and patients by uplifting operational coherency through patient record tracking, data monitoring, and having control from both ends in a more appropriate manner, as well as instant automation and updates from a visit to visit. This comprehensive data assists healthcare professionals in more systemically diagnosing, treating, and monitoring their patients.

On the other hand, apps frequently fail to align their capabilities and user experience with consumers’ expectations such as constant access to their experience. As a result, Certacure has come up with a brilliant mobile app idea called “TrackCare” that keeps a constant track of patients’ records at all times in order to sustain the patient’s wellbeing and take care of them with user-friendly dashboard reports that they can instantly obtain and understand, resulting in a smoother flow. Not to mention, saving tremendous time and costs, from cases of patients missing the details of their appointments, or post-care instructions, lab results, radiology images, and reports, as well as providing financial details and invoices that keep the liability between all ends.

Lastly, we as Certacure always make sure to deliver the most advanced technologies with the highest standards of achievements.

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