Perks of Cloud-based Solutions

Perks of Cloud-based Solutions

Cloud-based systems are a new model of computing that provides more flexibility in means of storing data and information remotely with backup via the internet where it can be accessed from any device anywhere at any time. It has gone viral and taken a new dimension in healthcare as it is one of the most data intensive industries in the world. For that reason, cloud-based hospital management systems have the following pros over on-premise solution: 


Usually operating expenses (OPEX) that are day-to-day expenses in order to keep the business operational such as employee salaries, property taxes, cost of goods sold (COGS), etc. are more preferred and used. One cost model that is usually associated with OPEX and used with cloud-based systems is the Pay as you go (PAYGO) model which includes subscription-based models, in contrast to traditional IT cost model that requires up-front capital expenditures for hardware and software installation and maintenance expenses. Thus, users only pay for what they store, which results in no wasted resources and increasing company’s efficiency over time as well as profit margin.

Oriented Workflow:    

File sharing applications and cloud-based workflows can make efficient real-time updates in hospital management systems by easy and quick data access, share and edit. This makes the whole workflow more oriented and productive. 

Data Backup and Recovery

Maintaining manual records of sensitive data such as patient records, treatments, payments, drugs prescriptions, etc. exposes data to being lost more frequently. Therefore, by adopting the cloud through a data center controlled by a specialized team who ensures that data is only accessed and retrieved by specified individuals. And so, user data can be then replicated in several data locations to increase data reliability and independence from system failure and guarantee a sense of disaster recovery. 

Updates and Upgrades

Regular and systemized roll out of security updates and upgrades that results in a stable system free of bugs and expeditious performance as a result of continuous work from support team. Hence, saving more time and effort being wasted in case of sudden shutdown of servers and hardware.   

Easy Access from Anywhere: 

Physicians, technicians, patients and other users with given permission can view the needed data from anywhere with just a click on any PDA at any time.   

It is highly believed that this solution can be a great opportunity for the healthcare community to manage hospital information systems. Therefore, when Certacure considered moving its services into the cloud, it explored and inspected new specs and challenges carefully and identified specific strategies to implement it successfully and achieve best results possible.