Voice recognition solutions-Nuance

Dragon Medical Direct (Cloud Solution)

Cloud platform for organizations of all sizes:

Get cloud-based speech recognition to capture the patient story directly in the EHR from anywhere—with no need for on-site servers or storage. This fully scalable solution was designed with virtualization in mind and supports acute and ambulatory IT infrastructures with one-click deployment. Nuance-hosted administration tools manage user voice profiles, automate updates, and provide a robust set of analytics and insights to ensure you are maximizing your investment.

Dragon Medical Network Edition

On-premise solution for acute care and ambulatory organizations:

This front-end speech recognition solution is designed for specialized needs of acute care and ambulatory organizations. This on-premise solution helps you improve documentation, eliminate transcription costs, and increase efficiency, profitability and physician satisfaction.

Dragon Medical Practice edition

Locally-installed real-time speech recognition software for smaller physician groups:

Designed and priced for independent practices with fewer than 24 physicians, Dragon Medical Practice Edition gives clinicians access to uninterrupted, high-quality speech recognition with no internet requirements. Experience 99% accuracy out-of-the-box without voice profile training to boost clinician efficiency, improve documentation quality, and eliminate transcription costs.

PowerScribe 360 Reporting for Radiology’s

The power in PowerScribe 360 Reporting for radiology:

With proven speech recognition technology, and a collaborative partnership with the American College of Radiology, Nuance PowerScribe 360 Reporting is used by nearly 2,000 healthcare organizations making it the most trusted and most widely used solution for radiology reporting.