MyVue Means Empowerment:

MyVue empowers patients to access, share and help manage their own images and exam data – using a range of familiar, user-friendly browser-enabled devices. A secure portal, MyVue allows real-time collaboration between patients and healthcare providers – helping to eliminate the need for duplicate exams and the production of CDs, DVDs or lms. Bottom line? Potential hours and dollars saved.

Advantages at A Glance:

  • Easy, electronic image access and sharing helps support earlier diagnoses and enhanced care.
  • Security protocols help ensure that images remain private and secure – accessed only by those granted permission.
  • The service helps eliminate the time and money wasted burning CDs or transporting lm.
  • Patients feel included in the management of their healthcare.


  • Patients go online to access their exam results through a secure login.
  • Imaging records, including nal diagnostic reports, are managed from a Web-enabled device.
  • Patients choose and authorize those with whom they wish to share their images.

Harness the Power of Virtual Sharing

The MyVue patient portal allows sharing of imaging results between facilities, patients and physicians. This enables collaborative work ow and empowers patients to control and manage their own health records.

In addition to improving patient access, MyVue can help eliminate the need to focus staff and equipment resources on producing CDs, DVDs or lms.

With MyVue, a unique and secure log-in code is provided to patients after exams are performed. They can then access exam images and data from a variety of Web-browser-enabled devices. Full reports can be viewed based on the facility’s policy. Once registered, patients can grant permission to the individuals and facilities with whom they wish to share their images and data.

Bene ts of MyVue go beyond replacing CDs and DVDs

  • Doctors can access patient data, imaging exams and radiology reports to provide consultations or subspecialty readings from virtually any location.
  • This Carestream technology fully complements existing EHR patient-portal strategy.
  • The service can help eliminate duplicate radiographic exams from various providers, reducing patients’ radiation exposure.
  • A fully electronic process means potential cost savings for imaging facilities, patients and insurance companies.
  • The convenience of this portal can support greater patient satisfaction.
  • MyVue is an extension of Vue Motion, which is FDA-cleared for iPad use.

Trusted Partner

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